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Black Joy Day 2023 at ICA BOSTON

When: September 8, 2023 | 2:30pm

Where: ICA Boston


The ICA partners with Thaddeus Miles—photographer, community activist, and founder of the Black Joy Project—to kick off a weekend of festivities centered around the fourth annual Black Joy Day in the City of Boston. This outdoor program at the ICA features performances by some of the city’s best talents, including Oompa, Gogo, and DJ Jo.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tori Tori and Latrell James will not appear as originally planned.

Black Joy Day is FREE, and tickets are not required to attend the performances! Museum admission is free from 5 to 9. Free tickets will be available at 10 AM on September 8. 

More than just a jubilation, Black Joy Day stands tall as a radiant beacon of resistance. Through the harmony of Black music, the depth of poetry, and profound dialogues on restorative justice, we aim to amplify the empowerment and resilience of Black voices worldwide. In the words of Thaddeus Miles, “Black Joy Day is more than a moment, it’s a movement. A symphony of voices, talents, and spirits, echoing the resilience, love, and vibrancy of our community. Let’s come together to feel, heal, and revel in the rhythm of joy.”