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James Brown Saves Boston Tribute Concert

When: April 5, 2024 | 10:00pm

Where: Strand Theater

James Brown Saves Boston Tribute Concert

In the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s tragic assassination in 1968, James Brown's concert in Boston, Massachusetts, stands out as a transformative moment in history. Just 24 hours after the civil rights leader's death triggered widespread violence across the United States, the mayor of Boston was persuaded to allow the concert to proceed. Broadcast live by WGBH-TV, the event not only showcased electrifying musical performances but also featured impactful speeches. James Brown's remarkable showmanship and the profound influence of his music are widely credited for playing a crucial role in maintaining calm and fostering peace throughout the city on that crucial night. His poignant spoken word message, advocating black pride, dignity, and self-respect, served as a powerful call to unity for Boston's black community, encouraging them to move forward in peace while still mourning the loss of Dr. King. This concert has endured as a symbol of the healing and unifying power of music during times of societal upheaval.

In harmony with the spirit of the 1968 concert, which resonated with a message of unity and hope delivered by the then Mayor of Boston, Kevin H. White, this upcoming event promises to carry forward the tradition of impactful addresses. The baton of inspiration will now be passed to the present Mayor, Michelle Wu, who not only embodies the vibrant pulse of the city but also makes history as the first woman and person of color to hold the esteemed position of Mayor of Boston. In her address, Mayor Wu is poised to infuse the gathering with her unique perspective, fostering a sense of collective optimism and progress that mirrors the city's dynamic and inclusive spirit.

About Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson, front man, singer, dancer and entertainer and hand-picked protégé of James Brown, is internationally known as "Young James Brown", and will lead an impressive 11-piece band, complete with a dynamic horn section. In an electrifying tribute, they will skillfully recreate the iconic stage show of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Wilson's command of the stage and the band's musical prowess will come together to capture the energy, charisma, and musical brilliance that defined James Brown's performances. This homage will be a vibrant celebration of the enduring legacy and influence of the legendary Godfather of Soul.

This event is spearheaded and executive produced by Darryl Settles, Boston music impresario, restaurateur, restaurant developer and investor. Mr. Settles is notably recognized as the founder of the Bean Town Jazz Festival. Assisting in event coordination and production is Sheldon Steele, serving as the production and artistic coordinator. Additionally, Tony Wilson (JB) joins as co-producer and featured artist.


Strand Theatre, 02125