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Episode 21: Understanding Question 1

November 2, 2022

Joel Rivera, Political Director for Fair Share for Massachusetts and Marie-Frances Rivera, President of MassBudget, join the podcast to breakdown what’s at stake with this November’s election, and educate voters on the Fair Share Amendment ( also known as the Millionaire Tax) and discuss other important initiatives and races on the ballot.

Episode 20: Imari Paris-Jeffries and Marie-Frances Rivera: Changing of the Guard

June 8, 2022

Marie-Frances Rivera, President of MassBudget, and Imari Paris-Jeffries, Executive Director of King Boston, share their journeys as social justice leaders in the Commonwealth. In this episode, we learn about their experiences coming to Massachusetts, addressing the state’s growing wealth inequality and structural racism built into our systems, and how to rebuild trust in communities that regularly experience the harm of policy failures.

Episode 19: Greg Ball and Reggie Williams: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

June 3, 2022

In this fireside chat, our hosts Greg Ball and Reggie Williams take a step back and reflect on the past two years of the pandemic, self-care, the changing nature of work, and Greg's ongoing effort to make "Troublemakers" a Good Trouble brand.

Episode 18: Catherine T. Morris: Epic Joy - Music, Arts, and Culture in Action

June 1, 2022

Catherine T. Morris, Founder & Executive Director of Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest and Director of Arts & Culture at the Boston Foundation, discusses the trials and tribulations of building a solid arts and culture ecosystem in Greater Boston. In this episode of Good Trouble, get a preview of the 2022 festival lineup and activities, and how we learn about how state government, philanthropy, and community can come together to invest locally.