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With Embrace Boston & the Massachusetts Budget & Policy Center’s Good Trouble Podcast, our goal is to inform and inspire using the stories of the people fighting the good fight today.

Inspired by civil rights leader John Lewis’ words of encouragement, the show will connect with our region’s noisemakers and key stakeholders to learn about their paths to becoming “good troublemakers” and what we can all do to join them.

Listen to the episodes below or on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

Episode 31: James Hills: Put On For My City

December 8, 2023

The pandemic changed us all in various ways. For podcaster James Hills it was a deeply transformative experience. Looking for a way to connect people with good information, he started “Java With Jimmy” a daily talk show on social media. Over a few years, he’s built that platform into a media company with major partnerships on the horizon. Now with a new rebrand Hills is poised to take Java to a new level while keeping community first.

Episode 30: Daren Bascome: Re:Definition

October 12, 2023

Proverb Agency founder Daren Bascome has found the perfect way to blend his artistic talent with a desire to make impactful work. Whether its Proverb’s creation of the City Of Boston’s All Inclusive tourism campaign or lifting up the beauty of his native Bermuda, Daren his seen his work touch lives. We talk with the life long artist on his journey and what it takes to tell stories in the digital age.

Episode 29: Kwani A Lunis: The Art of Storytelling

September 28, 2023

NBC 10 Correspondent Kwani A Lunis is part of a new breed in the city that has truly become a part of its fabric. In this episode she shares how she discovered her love of storytelling, and how basketball led her to the airwaves in Boston.

Episode 28: Dr. Rufus Faulk: Straight Outta Roxbury

September 14, 2023

It's hard to find someone with more pride in their Roxbury heritage than Dr. Rufus Faulk. A former member of the Wu administration and new author, he took that love to an international audience as a part of the first TEDx Roxbury. Join the good doctor as he tells us about he love of his hometown and just what's needed to fix it.